The Girl Behind the Computer Screen

Hello people of the internet, and welcome to my blog. Although I go by a variety of nicknames, you can all just call me Hannah.

Now, its time to tell you a bit about the person behind this computer screen.

Music is a major part of my life, though I currently cannot play any instruments. I do, however, listen to music pretty much constantly, and have a goal to learn how to play the guitar at some point in my life. When it comes to music I listen to, it usually ranges from classic rock to alternative to heavy metal, with the occasional outlier. Some of the things I’m listening to at the moment include Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Green Day, Volbeat and some Demon Hunter/ Breaking Benjamin.

I’m an amateur writer and aspiring author who hopes to one day finish a project and hold a copy of something I’ve written in my hands. I also read voraciously, and will probably make references to books that I’ve read or am currently reading throughout this blog. I have a passion for history, especially military history, and find the First and Second World Wars to be fascinating. I am also a bit of a chemistry nerd, so don’t be surprised if there are random science references as well.

You’re probably curious about what brought me to the WordPress community; I know that, if I was in your position, I certainly would be. Well, I suppose the simple answer to this question is this: I have things that I feel need to be said, and don’t really have many outlets for these thoughts and ideas. Just knowing that this blog exists as a way for me to catalogue my thoughts and to share my ups and downs is a good feeling, but knowing that I also have the opportunity to reach out to an audience who may connect with what I’m saying makes this so much more than simply a place to write. It transforms it, in my mind, at least, into a place where I can hopefully make at least a little bit of a difference, even if it is just for one person out there.


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