Medical Conditions I’ll be Referencing

Throughout this blog, I’ll probably be making reference to a variety of chronic medical conditions that either I have, or that impact my life in one way or another. Most of these conditions are not very common, however, so I’ve decided to create this page in the hopes of helping my readers find out a quick bit about each of them.

The first one I’ll talk about is called dysautonomia. Its a condition in which your autonomic nervous system is not as in-sync as it should be, so it will either fail to regulate what its supposed to, or it will send altered signals to the brain, causing the wrong types of things to happen. It can cause things like unstable blood pressure, lightheadness, tachycardia, and more.
The next one I should probably talk about is called AMPS, or Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome. To put it as simply as I can seem to find it, AMPS results from an abnormal short circuit in the spinal cord that sends pain signals both to the brain and to the autonomic nervous system. (Hey look… the autonomic nervous system again.) There are several different forms of AMPS, and I have the “Diffuse pain” form- basically, constant and total-body pain.
Next, I’ll move on to another, more recent diagnosis of mine called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Its classified as a connective tissue disorder that results from a defect in the structure, production, or processing of collagen or proteins that interact with collagen. EDS comes in many different forms that range in severity. Thankfully, I’ve been diagnosed with one of the less severe forms that mainly affects the joints, making them more elastic and hypermobile.

These are the major conditions that have been discussed so far; these blurbs that you see here will also most likely be included in the first post where I mention the condition(s), so don’t be surprised if they seem familiar. (Even if they don’t, though, that’s okay.)


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