Early morning poetry

So this morning, I woke up at around three am, and have been in too much pain to even think about sleeping since. My solution? Write some random, early morning poetry about god-knows-what. The whole early morning thing would probably explain my whole aversion toward the “shift” key, though… hmmm.
But anyway, without further ado, here you go. Your own personal concoction from the all-too-awake mind of yours truly.

clamoring voices
reaching a crescendo
demanding your attention
with each passing moment

to stand on your own
to see the beauty

so add your voice to the clamor
to all the others who
feel a hell of a lot like you do
right here, right now

but what does that do?
you get sympathy, yes
but what if that
is what you’re so afraid of?

adrift among the oceans inside
left to fend for yourself at such a
tender age
abandoned to your demons

but forgotten you are not
avoided as though you are;
after all people have to
think about you to ignore you.